The Douglaston Clubs

PS 98 enriches the learning of our students through The Douglaston Clubs, led by volunteer teachers, which incorporate direct and practical experience. Our teachers are invited to share an area of expertise in which they then guide students to benefit from their knowledge and hands on experience.  Take a look at the description of some of our clubs below. 

Coding Club

Learn how to code in a fun and exciting way. Google’s CS First is a program designed by a team of educators and computer scientists to get students interested in coding. The curriculum is targeted for upper grade students. It involves block-based coding using Scratch. Students use computer science to tell fun and interactive stories.

Chess Club

Chess is a classic game of strategy, invented more than 1500 years ago in India. During chess club, students have lots of fun, learning to observe carefully, increase focusing ability, analyze concretely, visualize next steps and think abstractly, which are major contributing factors to academic excellence.

PS 98 offers students in grades 3 through 5 the opportunity to audition for the PS 98 Chorus. Auditions take place in September. This group meets during the week for rehearsals to work on choral singing techniques to establish a choral repertoire for performances. Performances take place several times a year both in and outside of the school. At times the chorus will be invited to be part of a special
school event or program.


LEGO Robotics Club

PS 98’s LEGO Robotics Enrichment Program will be an option for students in grades four and five in the Spring.  This program allows the students to learn through hands-on experience how to design, build, and program robots.  They apply concepts of science, engineering, mathematics, and computer programming while improving their ability to strategically problem solve with a focus on logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking.  This is also an opportunity for the students to learn valuable leadership skills as they work cooperatively on project teams and express their creativity.  With their gained knowledge and skills, the students experience a sense of accomplishment in their creation.  This learning experience may create the pathway to careers in engineering, programming, and various other technological professionals. 


Math Olympiad Club

Students from grades 3 to 5, who are math enthusiasts, have the option to join the Math Olympiad Club.  Students will be introduced to important math concepts, develop strategies for problem solving and foster mathematical creativity.  As a collaborative team, students will explore and discover the joy and thrill of challenging math problems.


Poetry Club

In this club, the students will be introduced to and study a variety of poets and also learn different styles of poetry writing. As the club progresses, the students will begin writing their own themed based poems that may reflect the craft of the specific poets studied.



The Garden Club (Spring)

The Garden Club is created to establish in students an appreciation of nature. The students learn about how to plant and care for the garden. It encourages the student to appreciate the life cycle of plants and preserve their environment. The club meets twice a week. The children pull weeds, plant and water the plants.



Students play multiple sports in this club, participating in a variety of games that will keep them physically active as they build confidence, coordination and fitness. Positive impact on relationships will be built, along with communication skills and teamwork skills.

The Stock Market Game Club

The Stock Market Game engages students in obtaining a fundamental understanding of investing while providing them with real world skills and practice in math, economics, social studies, and other subjects.  Team members assemble to determine how to invest their “funds”.  As the students collaborate, they are building leadership and teamwork skills, demonstrating decision-making, and strengthening communication skills.

Story Club

In the creative writing club, we will be focusing on two types of writing, narrative and fiction.  We will be writing short stories and self publishing them. We also hope to enter writing contests. If you are a serious writer and you enjoy the writing process, this would be a good club for you. 

Hip Hop Dance Club

Have fun learning dance routines to today's top hits. Hip hop dancing is a great way to increase your heart rate while having a blast.