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Schoolwide Initiatives

P.S. 98 The Douglaston School

                                                    School Vision Statement
P. S. 98 is a place where school and home come together to promote learning to meet standards of excellence. Our students will become self-disciplined, creative and independent learners. We believe every child will succeed in ways that reflect his or her own aptitudes and interests. We value student and community voice and collaboration.  P. S. 98 encourages a strong partnership between school and home to support leadership, promote good citizenship and build a strong sense of community.  

                                                      Instructional Focus

P. S. 98 ensures high expectations and rigorous instruction for every student across interdisciplinary content.  We implement inclusive curricula and assessments.  Our curriculum includes diverse perspectives that reflect and affirm all students’ identities, lived experiences, and cultures. We foster students to be independent lifelong learners.  

Social Emotional Learning Mission Statement

P. S. 98’s goal is to provide evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) as part of our instruction.  We believe in educating the whole child, equipping students for success in school and in life by fostering positive relationships, self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and responsible decision-making.  We strive to know our students well, collaborate with families and support SEL to build supportive relationships between students and between students and staff.  

                                             School-wide Instructional Priority

P. S. 98 develops and strengthens a welcoming and affirming school environment by fostering communication between school and home and attending to the social and emotional needs of all students.   

Diversity and Inclusion Policy 

At P. S. 98, we strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment that values the experience, perspective, and contributions of all students, families and faculty.  As a result, we seek to foster an inclusive environment where the individual differences among us are respected, understood, and recognized as a source of strength that enriches our school community.  

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