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School Hours and Procedures

School Hours

The school hours are 8:20am to 2:40pm for grades Pre-K – 5.

Lunch is from 11:57-12:47pm. Grades 3-5 have lunch first (11:57-12:22pm) then recess, weather permitting.

Grades K-2 have recess first, then lunch (12:22-12:47pm).

  • For Free Lunch Information and Applications, please visit  

  • Students have the option of bringing their lunch or choose to have free hot lunch.  

  • Students who bring their lunch must have it with them when they arrive to school in the morning.  Any child without a lunch will be provided with a school lunch. 

  • Students are not permitted to share food due to possible food allergies. 

  • Make the school nurse and teachers aware if your child has food allergies.

Arrival Procedures

Please note that no child may be left on school grounds unattended prior to 8:20 am.

  • Early Bus Students will be received by a school aide at 7:50am and escorted to the cafeteria for breakfast. 

  • Breakfast Program for Early Arrivals (7:50 – 8:10am)

  • Students will be admitted into the building for the Breakfast Program for Early Arrivals beginning at 7:50am and they will go directly to the cafeteria. For this early arrival, students must eat breakfast. Students arriving after 8:15am may choose to participate in the Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) 8:20 – 8:40am

School Drop Off

Parents in cars that need to drop off students at the main entrance are requested to approach the main entrance from the north, PULLING UP AS FAR AS POSSIBLE in order to allow cars to line up.  Students should always exit the car on the passenger side and parents are then to pull away quickly and safely  to keep the steady flow of traffic.  P. S. 98 is uniquely located next to the LIRR and our school opening hours coincide with morning train schedules.  Accidents have occurred due to rushing cars that ignore the crossing guard and speed pass parents who are trying to safely drop off their children.  Parents are asked to follow the crossing guard’s instructions and to use common courtesy and politeness. When dropping off at the playground, please exercise the same safety precautions as stated for the Main Entrance drop off.


Dismissal Procedure

Metered parking is extremely limited and much of the remainder of the street parking is either a NO PARKING zone or taken by LIRR commuters.  As a result, parking at the school for pick up is often challenging. PARKING IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL, IN THE BUS LOADING ZONE, IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. In doing so, you may run the risk of a parking ticket from the NYPD. It is suggested that you give yourself extra time to park when picking up your child/children.


Pets are not permitted on the school grounds (this includes the playgrounds located behind the school). We ask that you not bring your pets during drop off and pick up times.

If you need to cross 235th Street, please cross at the crosswalk where our Crossing Guard is stationed. Model crossing the street safely for your children. Do NOT cross between vehicles which is unlawful and poses great danger for all. In addition, the parking lot is NOT to be used as an exit since cars are actively moving.


Grades 1-5 students are dismissed in the large track and field playground. 

  • Grades 1, 2, and 3 at 2:35pm

  • Grade 4 and 5 a2:30pm

Kindergarten is dismissed by the railroad side entrance on 235th Street at 2:35pm

Pre-K is dismissed at the main entrance at 2:30pm


All visitors must enter and exit through the main doors of the school.  Photo identification must be provided to the safety agent or personnel covering at the desk.  If you do not present identification you will not be admitted into the building. All visitors are given a name tag which must be worn during their visit and it must be returned to the security desk upon exiting the building.  Please tell security your purpose for visiting.

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