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PS 98 School History

old school house

Clinton Van Vliet, president of the Goodyear Rubber Goods Company, built a mansion in Douglaston around 1899.  Following his death, the house served as Public School 98 until it was demolished in 1930 and then replaced with a modern schoolhouse building that was opened to the community in 1931.  It has been said but not confirmed that classes were once held in a cow shed prior to the availability of the mansion.  Unfortunately, the exact age of P.S. 98 has not been verified.


In the early years, the school offered classes from Kindergarten through the Eighth grade.  Today the grades offered are PreK through Fifth grade.  The school has received recognition for academic excellence throughout the years and continues to strive to provide the best and most effective education possible for all students.  Today we offer a wide range of courses that extend beyond the “every day “such as: technology, web design, and robotics, visual arts, music history, chorus, guitar, keyboarding and chess. 

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