After-School Enrichment Program



Application and Schedule of Classes

Pre-K Application and Schedule

ARTS AND CRAFTS: Express yourself! Children will have the opportunity to express themselves through art. Their imaginations will be inspired as they paint, draw, or build projects.


DRAW, SKETCH, COLOR: In this class, students will draw, sketch or color to express themselves. Students will learn basic doodling technics, water coloring or use coloring books.


EDUCATIONAL COMPUTER GAMES: Students will have the opportunity to practice their math, ELA, Computer Science and Social Studies skills by utilizing various web-based educational games such as ABCYA, Cool Math, National Geographic Kids, PBS Kids, Starfall, Scratch and more.


GAMES CLUB: Do you like playing games, but need someone to play with? In this club, you will learn how to play various types of games in a social setting. Playing games will provide rich learning opportunities for you. It will help you master new concepts and skills such as critical thinking and strategy, logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and memory.


HOMEWORK HELP and GAMES: Supervision in a positive and supportive environment will be provided for the students to work on their homework assignments. Support will be given to encourage the children to stay on task. Students can also engage in structured games that develop their socialization skills.


MINECRAFT EDUCATION EDITION: Microsoft has teamed up with Minecraft to create a new version of the popular game that’s dedicated to learning. Over the past few years, educators around the world have been using Minecraft to explore subjects like social studies and math using the blockbased game. This custom edition includes feature designed especially for classroom use. Students will have fun interacting with their favorite game while acquiring problem solving skills in a gaming environment where creativity and imagination are limitless. Students will be collaborating on a private and secure server hosted and moderated by P.S. 98. Prior experience is recommended.


MOVIE and BOOK CLUB: Students will engage in watching a movie and within a structured intermission they will discuss their favorite parts, characters, make predictions and analyze the plot and setting. Movies that are also in book form, will be read aloud and students will participate in making comparisons between the movie and book version.


MUSIC EXPERIENCE THROUGH INSTRUMENTS: Students will have the opportunity to learn how to play guitar, keyboard, ukulele and bucket drumming. All students will participate in an end of term concert.


SPORTS AND GAMES: Students will be introduced to multiple sports in this class, participating in a variety of games that will keep them physically active as they build confidence, coordination and fitness. Positive impact on relationships will be built, along with communication skills and teamwork skills. Each class will begin with a warm-up and each week there will be a different activity or game.


VOLLEYBALL CLUB: Volleyball club is now offered to students of all grades. This club will be focusing on the different aspects and skills of volleyball, along with teamwork and team bonding.