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Physical Education

pic of school gym

The Physical Education program at PS 98 provides each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive programs consisting of skill development, team sports and games, as well as physical fitness activities. Our program focuses on the three domains of learning and health-related fitness (psychomotor, cognitive, and affective).


Psychomotor Domain (Body)

The psychomotor domain refers to the physical aspects of learning. It addresses motion, reflexes, and how muscles are engaged during physical activity. In our PE classes, we help students build a number of psychomotor skills, including reflexive skills, perceptual abilities, and complex, higher-order skills that require a combination of physical abilities.


Cognitive Domain (Brain)

The cognitive domain addresses the development of the actual content knowledge. Teaching and learning in the cognitive domain is very important to Physical Education. Without this, students are less likely to understand rules or develop strategies to excel in activities, sports, and games.

Affective Domain (Feelings)

The affective domain focuses on students’ feelings, attitudes, and values about movement. Our affective philosophy is based around Social Emotional Learning (SEL). This helps students understand how we have the capacity to learn new feelings and emotions, as well as develop the control to manage how these feelings or emotions are expressed.


P.S. 98 participates in the NYC Fitnessgram each year as stipulated by the NYC Dept. of Ed. Parents can utilize this assessment as a guide to encourage proper nutrition and exercise. The Fitnessgram is given once a year throughout their years as a student in NYC. The Fitnessgram is just a small part in our curriculum that encourages our children to be all that they can be. At P.S. 98 we promote healthy active children who will develop a love for fitness and incorporate it into their everyday lives.



The Move-to-Improve (MTI) Program is a classroom based physical activity program designed to increase activity among elementary schools. Every Wednesday, the entire school participates in twenty minutes of physical fitness. Move-To-Improve is part of the required weekly Physical Education instruction.  

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