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Our school is very excited about implementing a new K -5 mathematics program, enVisionMATH.  enVisionMATH is a comprehensive, blended digital and print mathematics program designed to help your child achieve the mathematical proficiency levels established by our school. Your child will be actively involved in using concrete and digital tools to develop deep mathematical understanding, and will apply this understanding through practice and problem solving in every math lesson. In addition, you can expect your child to learn and practice new math ideas and concepts in a various ways, such as:


* Solving problems and explaining their thinking in a write-in text and online


* Using online animations to help build understanding in a visual way


* Working individually, in pairs, and in small groups to solve problems and share their thinking


* Completing homework that promotes computational thinking, fluency, and application through rich problem solving


* Engaging in online practice that provides help as needed through worked-out examples and sell-help videos


* Experiencing a variety of math activities that include Math Games, Math and Science Activities, and Today’s Challenge in order to apply understanding in different contexts and different levels of learning

Our school will be providing you with additional information and resources throughout the school year. If you have any specific questions on individual lessons, please contact your child’s classroom teacher. We look forward to working in partnership with you in a successful year in math!

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