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Please utilize our school’s subscription to Brainpop (grades 3-6) and Brainpopjr (grades K-2). The login information is: (Grades K-2)          username: ps98teach          password: brainpop    (Grades 3-5)           username: ps98teach          password: brainpop


NOTE: (available everyday 24/7)







All our students have accounts in Typing Pal. Typing Pal is an online program that helps students

practice their keyboarding skills. The web address is: 


Students have their usernames and passwords (Kindergarten in February). If your child cannot login or you would like their level changed, please email


*When a student completes his/her current level, the program may be reset to a more challenging pace. 







Usernames and passwords have been given to students. If you have trouble logging in, please email  for support.

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A fun way to practice math!