P.S. 98 has enjoyed a long standing partnership with Midori and Friends arts organization.  Our students are provided with a diverse array of concerts that introduce them to western classical music, as well as cultures from around the world through interactive performances and complementary workshops with artists.  The program goals include developing student knowledge and appreciation of music, dance, and world cultures.  Our students have exhibited enthusiasm for and engagement with performing activities.


We are delighted that Midori and Friends will be partnering with P. S. 98Q during the 2020-2021 school year.  Midori and Friends has been selected to bring high quality music education to our school community.  This is part of the CASA program of the DCLA and the NYC Council.  


Signature Series

The Signature Series features interactive, engaging virtual assemblies and workshops that highlight the music of different cultures and diverse genres such as classical, jazz, flamenco, and African drumming. Performed by world-class ensembles, the Signature Series cultivates critical thinking by integrating social and cultural connections in an accessible virtual format, with both live-streamed and video-produced content. For an enhanced learning experience, participants can attend artist-led workshops to further explore the music's history, cultural context, and connections to New York City communities.



  • Provides an opportunity to explore music and its history, cultural context, and relationship to social justice themes

  • Virtual, LIVE-streamed artist-led instruction with activities for listening, music appreciation, and music-making

  • Accommodates up to 25 participants 

  • Streaming platforms: Zoom, Google Meet

  • Duration: up to 45 Minutes

For more information, visit their website     https://www.midoriandfriends.org

















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Argus Quartet

Memorial Day Remembrance

As a way to commemorate and remember those who have died in service to our country, this concert features works by Dorothy Rudd-Moore, Ludvig Van Beethoven, and Edward Elgar. We hope this music can serve as a space for reflection and uplifting moments for all.


Thursday, May 13



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